Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We have a lot to say, and (until now) clearly not enough people listening.   So, welcome to the SistersGourmetBlog where you never know what we'll post!

In the meantime, we want you to know a little more about us....

The Story of Sisters’ Gourmet

Sisters Gourmet, a premier manufacturer of gourmet desserts, began like many other gourmet foods companies- in a home kitchen. President, Lisa Sorensen, tells of a visit from her sister, Suzy, back in 1995.

“We had been selling homemade gift baskets at local craft shows for a while when we had a great idea. We both loved baking, and remembered how as children, we spent hours in the kitchen with our mother, baking for family and friends.

“Our goal was to make baking fun, a way to still enjoy an indulgent, homemade taste, yet in a convenient one-bowl recipe. We decided to package some of our favorite recipes layered in Mason jars, covered with whimsical fabrics. As we worked together that night in my kitchen, spending hours poring over recipes, Sisters Gourmet was born.”
Now, sixteen years later, Sisters Gourmet’s one-bowl recipes continue to make baking fun for all. Along the way, the company has grown from offering two varieties in Mason jars to offering a wide array of decadent gourmet desserts across several different product lines in numerous packaging options.  Today, the company caters to its thousands of customers around the world.

Yet despite the growth, much pride is taken in knowing each mix is still layered by hand, offering each customer a unique and individual way to conveniently enjoy a gourmet taste from the comfort of their home. As the sisters often like to say, “We make it easy for you to make it homemade.”