Tuesday, January 24, 2012

International Fancy Food Show - Day 2

Day 1 was an exercise in will-power, but I found a few flaws with my plan. For one, too many of the samples were gone at the end of the day. Also, I thought I may need just a few more than 5 samples or "tastes" so that I will have 5 good ones to write about (because it's all about the blog and our 14 followers!). So, I tasted about 10 things today, but I'll highlight my favorite 5 for the day....

1. Oro Tempo Formaggio Piave - similar to eating a chunk of parmesean cheese, which I love! This is delicious cheese, but since they are from Italy, I'm not sure how easy it would be to find here in the US.

2. Fage 0% fat Greek Yogurt with Honey - my favorite of the Fage (pronounced fa-yee), flavors! If you like yogurt, but have never tasted this brand, you really should try it. If you don't like the tanginess of yogurt, then you definitely should try Fage. The flavor is mild but rich, the yogurt is smooth and creamy, and you'll never miss the fat and calories of the 2% or 4% versions! I promise!

3. Lucero Arbequina Olive Oil - my picture didn't work out, so I'll attach the link to their website http://lucerooliveoil.com/extra-virgin-olive-oil/arbequina-three-star-blend-certified-extra-virgin-olive-oil.html. Our family loves to dip french bread in olive oils, but we usually add pepper to the oil. This particular oil has so much flavor, and even a peppery taste, that you don't need to add anything at all! If you thought all olive oils are the same, then it's time for you to do some tasting - and I recommend you start with this one from Lucero! This is what I will be buying from now on!

4. Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Caramel filling - It seems like every year at the show, they introduce a new flavor in their little square chocolates. I've been impressed with others, but they really did it right this time! This is worth trying!

5. Kara's Chocolates have always been a favorite of mine, but this time it's not about the chocolate. They are introducing these amazing buttery caramel waffle cookies (for which I can't remember the name). The packaging is still in the developmental phase, so I just took a picture of the cookie. Soon, we'll be seeing it on the market, and I'll be eating more of these delicious cookies!


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