Thursday, October 16, 2014

In Honor of our Mom...

Sandra McKenney Holden
It all hit me on Sunday.  This week marks one year since my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which was just one more piece of her original Breast Cancer diagnosis about 4 years prior.  The brain tumor, combined with multiple tumors throughout her body, helped us make the difficult decision to accept the terminal diagnosis.  Of course, these memories all came flooding into my mind during Breast Cancer Awareness month, which my husband likes to refer to as Breast Awareness Month - his favorite time of the year.  (LOL) 

So, Suzy and I talked about it, and rather than taking advantage of the pink ribbons we see everywhere this month and trying to encourage everyone to get mammograms (we actually discourage them - please use thermography instead), we would like to take the opportunity to honor our mother.  From that day last October when she became terminal, she only lived for 3 months.  Most of that time was spent in my home, as our families surrounded her with our love and care.  Although it was a difficult time that I wouldn't wish upon anyone, I also wouldn't trade it for anything. 
Sandy with Lisa and Suzy, about 1972

November 2013

Mom LOVED to talk about her daughters, and was so proud of what we had created with Sisters' Gourmet!  Of course, it was from time spent baking with her in the kitchen that Suzy and I developed our love for sweets!  She helped us develop some of the recipes, worked for us in many different capacities including being our first salesperson, and was the best proofreader anyone could ask for. 

We are grateful for the time we had to spend with her, and are happy that she is in a better place.  To all of the daughters reading this, give your mom an extra hug today!
Our families at her funeral in Arkansas

We love and miss you, Mom!!
Lisa (and Suzy)


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